Voices Out Of The Fog



From KXA (Spokane) television station application, March 30, 1954


Born March 23, 1895, Columbus, Ohiowidummx Graduated 1916 with A. B. degree: Wesleyan University. 1916-1924, banking business in Wyoming. 1918-1924, staff of U.S. War Finance Corporation. 1924, established investment business in California. 1927, became a director of the Associated Broadcasters, licensee of KTAB. 1933, acquired the Associated Broadcasters. He was President, Director and sole stockholder. 1941, at the suggestion of federal government officials, applied and was granted a license from the F.C.C. to build a shortwave station in San Francisco to offset Axis propaganda. KWID began broadcasting on May 4, 1942 with 100 KW. KWIX was established in March of 1943 with 50 KW (later KWID-2). Both stations were outlets for the Voice of America. During World War II, Dumm and Associated Broadcasters became controlling stockholders of Universal Records, Inc., which manufactured transcriptions for Armed Forces Radio Service. 1946-50, President, Director and major stockholder of Muzart Co., Inc., a wired music company playing music for war plants and other business interests. President and Director, KPIX, Inc., operator of KPIX Television. President, Director and Stockholder of KXA, Inc., since 1946, operators of KXA, Seattle. President, Director and minority stockholder of KPAS and KXLA, Pasadena, California, 1945-49. President, Director of majority stockholder, KROW, Oakland, 1939-44. President, director, minority stockholder of Columbia Empire Telecasters, Inc., applicant for TV station in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Dumm has been:

  • Member, Committee Six of the Defense Communications Board.

  • Member, International Broadcasting Committee Six of the Board of War Communications.

  • Member, Committee Three on International Broadcasting of the Radio Advisory Committee of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Information.

  • Under appointment of the Secretary of State, Special Consultant to the Office of International Information (Voice of America).


Born in Denver, Colorado, Feb. 12, 1906. Attended the public school system, Denver. In the early 1920’s, worked in broadcasting in Denver, as engineer, announcer, salesman, station executive. 1933-39, U.S. Navy Reserve. 1927-35, Office and Stockholder, Intermountain Broadcasting Corporation; General Manager of its station, KDYL, Salt Lake City, Utah. 1935-40, Vice President and General Manager, the Associated Broadcasters, Inc., operators of KSFO. Sept. 1939 to Nov. 1944: Vice President and General Manager of the Educational Broadcasting Corporation, operators of KROW. Nov., 1944, formed KROW, Inc., General Manager and 35% stockholder. 1946, formed the Lasky Company, an advertising agency. Sept., 1946, sold the Lasky Company to his employees and returned to KSFO. Sept. 1946 to Sept. 1952, Vice President and General Manager of the Associated Broadcasters, Inc., operators of KSFO. 1948, participated in the formation of KPIX, Inc. 1952, became Vice President, General Manager and 14% share- holder of KPIX, Inc.; continued as Vice President of Associated Broadcasters, Inc. 1944-52, Vice President and Director of KXA, Inc., operators of KXA, Seattle. 1952, stockholder of KXA, Inc. Advisor to the Bay Area Educational TV Association, holder of an F.C.C. construction permit for KQED Television, Channel 9.


Born April 16, 1906, Bellingham, Washington Graduate, California Institute of Technology, with Electrical Engineering degree, 1929. Since 1936, Director of Universal Research Laboratories, a radio/TV consulting engineering firm. Director of Engineering for KPIX and KSFO. Member, Institute of Radio Engineers.



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