Help CHRS Fund “KSAN Jive 95: The Movie”

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Our CHRS Radio Dog Production, “KSAN Jive 95: The Movie,” continues in production. But making a feature length documentary is costly. We are seeking to raise $150,000.

The KSAN Jive 95 story is important for CHRS to tell and immortalize in film. KSAN during the period from 1968-1980 was pivotal in the development of our popular culture.

Part of our recent grant from the Rex Foundation was earmarked toward the KSAN Movie project. We commissioned famous poster artist Wes Wilson for a movie poster. Wes and his daughter Shirryl Bayllis collaborated on the new movie poster as seen above.

Now it’s your turn to help. PLEASE CLICK HERE  and see how you can help by donating to this project and helping to preserve the KSAN jive 95 legacy.


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Gary van Van Maanen
Gary van Van Maanen
25 October 2016 3:11 PM

Hope to hear. Sure remember those fun days of the 60’s