The following is a preliminary listing of criteria to be considered for nomination and induction into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.


Nominees shall be considered under the following categories:

  • Performers (Announcers, Disk Jockeys, Program Hosts)

  • Pioneers (generally pre-1965)

  • Engineering

  • Management (including ownership and station management)

  • Specialty (including programming, production, traffic, weather, columnists, etc.)

  • Sportscasting

  • Programs

  • Legendary Stations

Individuals may be nominated in multiple categories.


The criteria for eligibility in the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame includes many intangibles — there are no statistics or championships by which to judge a nominee. At its very essence, we try to keep in mind one overriding question: can you tell the story of Bay Area radio without including this person in it?

Some basic criteria to keep in mind:

  • Nominees must have worked in commercial or non-commercial radio broadcasting as an on-air personality, manager, writer, producer, engineer, developer or in another capacity in which the nominee exhibited exceptional and extraordinary ability and/or attained significant and notable popularity or recognition for their work, and

  • A nominee must have been born or raised in one of the nine Bay Area counties* and achieved national or international fame in radio broadcasting in the Bay Area or elsewhere, or

  • A nominee must have relocated to the Bay Area and achieved his or her greatest fame or distinction in the Bay Area, and

  • A nominee must have made an extraordinary impact on the broadcasting history of the Bay Area for which he or she received widespread recognition, or

  • A nominee must have contributed significantly to the growth and development of radio broadcasting as an industry primarily through his or her work in the Bay Area, or

  • Nominees may have been part of an ensemble cast (two or more performers) on a regularly-scheduled program for which multiple cast members may receive nomination. (For example, two members of a morning-drive broadcast team may be nominated either separately or jointly; or all regular performers of a serial drama may be nominated as an ensemble under the Program category, or individually as a Performer.) The program must have originated primarily in the Bay Area, and must have aired on a Bay Area radio station.

ELIGIBILITY AGE: A nominee’s age shall not impact upon his or her eligibility. A nominee does not have to be currently active in the industry to be eligible for induction.

* — For the purposes of this document, the nine Bay Area counties shall be identified as:

  • Alameda County

  • Contra Costa County

  • Marin County

  • Napa County

  • San Francisco

  • San Mateo County

  • Santa Clara County

  • Solano County

  • Sonoma County

Nomination Process

Nominees must meet the criteria outlined above. In submitting your nominations, please include a brief overview (approximately fifty words) of each nominee’s accomplishments, citing all applicable criteria.

Send nominations to:

Hall of Fame Nominations
CHRS Bay Area Radio Museum
PO Box 31659
San Francisco CA 94131-0659

PLEASE NOTE: Limit of one nominee per submission.

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