Photo: Don Sherwood (KSFO, 1969)
Don Sherwood, The World’s Greatest Disc Jockey

The Sherwood Awards is your opportunity to vote for your favorite Bay Area radio personality from “back in the day,” and your favorite Bay Area radio personality on the air right now.

Based on nominations we received earlier this year, we have a terrific group of candidates in our two categories — “Active,” for those personalities currently on the air, and “Lifetime Achievement,” for those legends not currently on the air on a Bay Area radio station.

The “Active” category can include current members of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame, while those already inducted into BARHOF are ineligible in the “Lifetime Achievement” category.

Other BARHOF categories, including News, Sports, Manager, Specialty and Pioneer, are selected by a committee comprised of current BARHOF inductees and members of the radio museum’s staff.

Voting continues through May 31, and recipients of the Sherwood Award will be honored at this year’s Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame ceremony. The award is a tribute to Don Sherwood, “The World’s Greatest Disc Jockey,” who was an original inductee into BARHOF in 2006.

Ready to voice your choice? Let’s vote!

Sherwood Awards 2017 Voting Form

  • Please vote for your favorite personality (individual or team) currently on the air at a Bay Area radio station.
  • Please vote for your favorite personality (individual or team) no longer active (on the air) in Bay Area radio.

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  1. Not sure if non-active list nominations can include radio personalities heard in the SF Bay Area but not on local stations? Wolfman Jack on XERB was listened to widely in the Bay Area. XERB had better evening reception than many ‘local’ stations.

    1. John,

      This award is limited to those personalities that work (or worked) specifically in the Bay Area, on a station located in the Bay Area. I’m a huge Wolfman Jack fan, but he worked out of Los Angeles during his time on XERB, which was located in Rosarito Beach in Baja. If we opened it up to non-Bay Area personalities, it would defeat the purpose of the award.

      If you’re interested, I’ve put together an XERB tribute page featuring several Wolfman Jack airchecks at:


  2. My reason for nominating Scott Beach was the totality of his work not just on KSFO, but also KKHI, his TB and radio voicework, and his involvement with outside S.F. interests including leading Kazoo Night with the Giants, and his work with classical music organizations in The City. Frankly, a case could be made for everyone associated with KSFO from Sherwood’s time until King Broadcasting ruined it. (Sorkin, Jazzbeau, Carter B, Smith, Dick McGarvin, Jack Carney, Al Newman et al.)

  3. Is it true that Sherwood once stumbled onto the set of his local TV show (sponsored by Falstaff) obviously more than “tipsy” and carrying a can/bottle of another brand of beer (Harm’s, Lucky Lager or Olympia)?

  4. Jack Kulp in my opinion has the best Radio voice I have ever heard! Liked him so much switched radio stations from when he was with Koit.

  5. KMPX air-checks demonstate why these guys are in Valhalla. They were simply, as Bobby Riggs put it..The best of the BEST!!

  6. First time I ever spoke on the radio was at the age of 6 sitting on Dan Sorkin’s lap at KSFO. I was visiting my brother Mark Leff at his first radio job and got to chat on air. He said I had such a nice brother to bring me to work and I said that sometimes he was such a pain. I wasn’t allowed to visit his work again for many years!

    1. Dan loved doing that. When he was at KFRC on Bush St., I brought my 2 nephews to visit the station (ages 5 and 9). He said the youngest on 2 phone books on the stool next to him, and I whispered, “Uhh, I don’t think you want to do that.” Dan learned I was right because the 5 yr old was pretty snarky. They parried back k& forth. I still have the tape Dan sent me afterward.

    1. No, Ron! What we’ve done is created a new award, named for Don Sherwood, honoring one currently active personality (or team) and one legend. It was announced a while back that the other inductees into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame would be selected by a committee comprised of BARHOF members — the categories for BARHOF still exist, we’ve just changed the voting procedure and added the Sherwood Awards.

        1. Lobster,

          This is the list of personalities who were nominated by the public. “Active” means currently broadcasting. (Not certain what “the criteria of impact” is, or where that came up.) If someone is active, they can certainly also be a legend.

          Keep in mind that there are quite a few BARHOF inductees that are still on the air. But once you’re in BARHOF, you’re no longer eligible for the Lifetime Achievement Sherwood.

          This is public voting in two specific categories. The BARHOF committee will select a slate of inductees as well in all categories. The public wasn’t casting votes in large numbers for some of the categories (pioneer and management, for example) but the numbers were HUUUUUUUGE in these two specific categories, so it was decided to adjust the rules.

  7. Old friend Ronnie Schell and I used to have an occasional breakfast with Sherwood after the show, in the Tonga Room. Some of Sherwood’s language would cause the most seasoned person to blush. Sherwood had a boat – a small cabin cruiser – berthed at the S.F. Marina. Ronnie and I once went on a Sunday cruise with him and 5 other friends. Over the door leading to the cabin below was this brass plaque that said – “MARRIAGES PERFORMED BY THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP GOOD FOR THE DURATION OF THE VOYAGE ONLY.”

  8. When these awards come around, I’m thrilled that my colleagues are acknowledged for the work they do or have done. I just feel like Cinderella, left with one shoe, ugly sisters and a mean step mother… All kidding aside, it would be great to be just nominated one year! Thanks for the wonderful moments in SF! ~Laurie Sanders (formerly of KOIT, now KQED)


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