Photo: Don Sherwood (KSFO, 1969)
Don Sherwood, The World’s Greatest Disc Jockey

Who was your favorite Bay Area radio personality from “back in the day”? Who is your favorite Bay Area radio personality on the air right now?

It’s time to let the Bay Area Radio Museum and Hall of Fame hear your nominees for your favorite radio personalities, past and present to help us find the winners of our inaugural Don Sherwood Awards!

How do you nominate your favorites? It’s simple!

Fill us in by filling in your choices in the form below. Please nominate only one name in each category (past and present) per submission.

Who is eligible?

  • In our currently On The Air (Active) category, only those who are presently working on the air on a broadcast radio station in one of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties can be nominated.
  • In our Radio Legends (Inactive) category, only those who worked on the air in the Bay Area but are no longer active are eligible, except those that have already been elected to the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. (Who is already in? Click here to see.)
  • Disc jockeys, music program hosts, talk show hosts, newscasters (anchors and reporters), sportscasters (play-by-play or studio), weathercasters, traffic reporters working individually or as team are eligible.

Got your nominees ready? Let’s go!

Sherwood Awards 2017 Nominee Form

  • Personality (individual or team) currently on the air at a Bay Area radio station. Please include station.
  • Personality (individual or team) no longer active (on the air) in Bay Area radio.

Visit the Bay Area Radio Museum’s Don Sherwood Collection


  1. Not sure if non-active list nominations can include radio personalities heard in the SF Bay Area but not on local stations? Wolfman Jack on XERB was listened to widely in the Bay Area. XERB had better evening reception than many ‘local’ stations.

    1. John,

      This award is limited to those personalities that work (or worked) specifically in the Bay Area, on a station located in the Bay Area. I’m a huge Wolfman Jack fan, but he worked out of Los Angeles during his time on XERB, which was located in Rosarito Beach in Baja. If we opened it up to non-Bay Area personalities, it would defeat the purpose of the award.

      If you’re interested, I’ve put together an XERB tribute page featuring several Wolfman Jack airchecks at:


  2. My reason for nominating Scott Beach was the totality of his work not just on KSFO, but also KKHI, his TB and radio voicework, and his involvement with outside S.F. interests including leading Kazoo Night with the Giants, and his work with classical music organizations in The City. Frankly, a case could be made for everyone associated with KSFO from Sherwood’s time until King Broadcasting ruined it. (Sorkin, Jazzbeau, Carter B, Smith, Dick McGarvin, Jack Carney, Al Newman et al.)

  3. Is it true that Sherwood once stumbled onto the set of his local TV show (sponsored by Falstaff) obviously more than “tipsy” and carrying a can/bottle of another brand of beer (Harm’s, Lucky Lager or Olympia)?

  4. Jack Kulp in my opinion has the best Radio voice I have ever heard! Liked him so much switched radio stations from when he was with Koit.

  5. KMPX air-checks demonstate why these guys are in Valhalla. They were simply, as Bobby Riggs put it..The best of the BEST!!

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