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Radnich To Rise And Shine At KNBR

By David Ferrell Jackson

Gary Radnich’s sleep patterns will undergo some serious rearranging beginning Monday, Jan. 4.

That’s when Radnich will take over the morning show at Sports Leader KNBR (680) from Kevin “The Rat” Radich and Vernon Glenn, who had replaced Steve McPartlin on the sunrise shift this past summer.

Radnich, 45, has been a popular fixture at KNBR since 1985, hosting the station’s midday sports-talk program in addition to his role as sports anchor at KRON-TV (4). His new work schedule, according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News, will have him signing on his three-hour KNBR show at 6 a.m. while continuing to cover sports news and highlights on KRON’s 11 p.m. weeknight newscast.

“The two stations said, ‘If he’s crazy enough to do it, let him do it,’” Radnich said. “I’ve got a really good deal at KRON, and the two stations just sat down and worked something out. No agents or anything.”

KNBR Program Director Bob Agnew has not determined who will take over Radnich’s midday slot, which, according to the station, is the nation’s highest-rated sports program in its daypart. Current morning team member Radich will reportedly remain as part of the KNBR wake-up crew when Radnich moves over in January.

December 9, 1998