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Bay Area Radio Museum

KFOG 104.5 FM, San Francisco
Bill Keffury
Friday, September 17, 1982

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 Bill Keffury - 1975 (Alan Bowker Photo)

Bill Keffury at KCBS-FM in 1975

It's the first day or, rather, the first night of rock'n'roll on KFOG after many years of "beautiful music," presented here in high-fidelity stereo. Bill Keffury (photo, right), well known to Bay Area listeners through his work at KYA, K-101 and KCBS-FM, is your all-night host, following the midnight shift handover from Michelle Michaels.

The text for this exhibit is currently being developed. However, you may listen to the audio portion of the presentation by clicking on the link below the radio in the right-hand column.


PHOTOGRAPH: Courtesy of Alan Bowker.


  • KFOG: Goodbye, Beautiful Music ... Hello, Rock! Sept. 16, 1982

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